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R11699,00 incl. VAT

Items included in the kit:

2 X D150 1000mm single skin pipes
1 X D150 90 degree single skin bend
2 X D150 single skin pipe cover plates
1 X D150 single skin T-piece
1 X D150 single skin T-piece inspection cap
1 X D150 single(f) to double(m) converter
2 X D150 1000mm double skin pipes
1 X D150 500mm double skin pipe
2 X D150 double skin wall brackets
5 X D150 single skin clamps
4 X D150 double skin clamps
1 X D150 double skin drum-hat cowl

This flue kit allows you to install your fireplace at 4.7m with the flue exiting straight up above the fireplace, then bend 90 degrees toward and through an external wall and then connected to a T-piece and single/double skin convertor which allows the double skin pipe to then travel vertically alongside the outer wall toward and above the roof line.  (the kit excludes the roof flashing component which needs to be purchased separately depending on the roof covering)

Single skin flue pipes get hot and can serve as an extension of the fireplace by helping to heat your space, whereas the double skin flue pipe is made up of two plain flue pipes within each other with an insulation material of 25mm.

A double skin flue pipe will also decrease the build-up of condensation within your flue, as the insulation prevents the hot air from cooling down too quickly. It is therefore preferable and safer to use insulated flues once the flue pipe leaves the interior of the room that is being heated.

All our flues and fittings are 0.4mm 304-grade stainless steel and are seam welded and utilize a clamping method of assembly.

All single skin stainless-steel flues discolour over time, due to a natural chemical reaction caused by exposure to oxygen in the air and the heat from your fireplace. Expect the colour range from golden to amber, even purples, and blues, depending on how hot your fireplace is fired.

Roof seal/flashing is not included in the kit and sold separately


Econofire Flue pipes and fittings conform to European standards of production in conformance with:

  • EN-1856-1
  • EN-1859

Steel thickness:  0.4mm

Grade: 304 stainless steel




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